Born in Rome 26/10/1959, living in Friulli Venezia Giulia ( North East of Italy) close to the Slovenian border. Enlisted in ITALIAN AIR FORCE in 1979, spent about 3 years between Flight Academy and flight schools. Graduated fighter Jet Pilot in 1982. From November 1982 to February 1986 pilot in the Italian Air Force 9° Stormo Caccia Intercettori Flying F 104 S. From February 1986 to December 1995, as Pilot in the Italian Aerobatic Team  ”FRECCE TRICOLORI” , Position #5 (second right wingman) for 3 years, #3 (first right wingman) for 1 year, #6 (first slot) for 3 years, Trainer Supervisor for 2 years. From December 1995 Pilot in ALITALIA on DC9-30 – MD 80 – B767 ER – Airbus A319-320-321

From May 2005 Captain on Airbus A319-320-321. From 24/04/2019 TRI-SFI A 320 F.

Hire by a Major Airline (Alitalia) in Italy in 1995, spent many years flying all over the world with short haul and long haul experiences.

In 2003 became a Captain  Airbus Family A319-320-321.