Born in Varese on 03 of August 1966, crazy for aviation since the beginning for both military and civilian airplanes. I have got my first licence at 18, flying later on single and multi-engines propeller planes (equipped with pistons and turboprop engines), even biplanes (Stampe), glider, motor glider and seaplane.

In 1987 I joined the Air Force undertaking the training on SF260, MB339, G91T.  Later I was assigned to the 21° Tiger Squadron  on F104S/ASA as Interceptor. From 1994 to 1996 I have flew for the XX Squadron as TF104G’s flying instructor in the roles of interceptor and bomber.

In 1996 I left the Air Force to join Alitalia where I flew as First Officer and Captain on MD80 and B767.

Other experiences come, I was employed in some Italians and foreign Airlines flying on E175/190, A320 Family, B757 and 767 and A330.

As Military Flying Instructor i taught how to fly basic, acrobatic, instrumental, formation and how to apply tactical techniques. My experience continued teaching colleagues on A320 as Line Instructor and Simulator Instructor (TRI).

Total flying hours 16700.