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The European F.A.S.T. / T6 Flying Group has been involved for some time in the dissemination of training flight discipline. Our facilitators, all former Military Pilots from the Italian Air Force (former military flight instructors on jets, chase pilots and specialty instructors) have collaborated for years with both Historical Aircraft Group Italy and other realities of Sports ultralight,  to permit the growth of their pilot members in the training of this flight discipline, with important results and the highest level of flight safety.

The Italian and European reality sees the specific legislation of the sector very vague and incomplete, leaving room for risky improvisations, without defining the roles and training programs. For this reason, we have sought the best of the class in this sector and we have associated with FAST, an American Organisation delegated by the FAA regulator to control this flight activity, the only nation that has regulated this specific sector, to define the standards and minimum levels of safety for this discipline.

For this reason, thanks to the standard of our Facilitators, to the common programs recognized by FAST, the European FAST is the only delegated association in Europe to issue, to European civil pilots, the FAST Cards which certify the various levels of competence achieved in flight. in training.

Eventi in programma

If you are interested to fly safe close wing formation contact us.

If you are part of an Organization teaching formation fly in Europe and want to join our international standards, feel free to contact us and become one Signatory of European Standard, in order to self regulate in common language this matter in Europe. Be our Partner.