PREREQUISITEs to attend the Clinics STANDARD F.A.S.T.

The pre- requisites to attend the Clinics varies according to the position you are training for. First of all you need a current PPL / LAPL (VDS) Licence, with a current Medical certificate. You must partecipate with a dual control (low wing and Bubble canopy preferred) airplane, with current ARC and Insurance for both Pilot and Safety Pilot on board and coverage for third parties on ground. The minimum total Flight Time requested to start a Wingman two ship formation is an entry level of 200 Hrs.

If you proceed on training for a 4 ships formation WINGMAN  is required a minimum of 350 TT ( unless you own a CPL Licence 250 hrs min). To perform a training as Section Leader ( 2 ships) again 350 TT is required together with at least 10 hrs formation flights in the last two years ( 250 TT if qualified as FI/TRI ).

The Leader of a 4 ships formation requires 500 TT ( 350 if FI/TRI ) and at least 30 hrs in formation.

All further qualifications requires CPL / ATPL, more than 2000 Hrs of flight and some current or former Instructor Qualifications ( Military Type rating Instructor / Mil IP / FI / TRI ).  Examiners are qualified by FAST intercontinental and requires the same requisites as Instructor or an FE/TRE Qualifications.

The table above clarifies the minimum requirements by FASt and applied in Europe by European FAST.

In short, the basic wingman Clinic is performed during a Week End frame, with 5 hrs of dual control training. Clinics are performed on any airport equipped with fuel and briefing room, a minimum of 4 Trainee Pilots and 4 Instructors is required. ( settlement for 2 pilots can be set on special agreement). There is a cover fee to pay transfer and housing of trainers, plus an association fee of 30 € is due to cover Fast Card / Patch costs and FAST international association. For Aero Club Italy members, no association fee is due but only 15€ fee is required to cover Fast Card and Patch.

Fee cover can be payed in two ways: Safety Pilots direct costs for transfers, food and housing paid by trainees ( to be agreed before clinic) or

an “all inclusive” formula of 400€ per person per week end, which includes instructors/ examiners fee, 5 hrs of dual training, books and materials, food at lunch during clinics).

The annual Renewal costs is FREE OF CHARGE, following FAST no profit policy for Fast Examiners, only travel expenses and a 15€ card reprint cost are due.