EUROPEAN FAST (part of C.A.P.T. No Profit Association) is a long time committed team fully engaged in formation training. Our Instructors and Check Pilots are all coming from the Italian Air Force Schools, ( some of them IP , Examiners or TRI and Chase pilot leaders on jet fighters and jet trainers). We have been performing Formation Clinics since 2015, cooperating with the best vintage and antique and warbirds aircraft association in Italy , Historical Aircraft Group.  We also started a great cooperation with the <Italian Aero Club> to standardise the formation flight activity with some well known formation Teams, using Ultralight airplanes.

The European Authority has regulated the formation flight with very simple rules, such as EASA.3135, and is not requesting any requisite for the pilot to obtain a qualification and maintain a proper standard and currency in this demanding flight discipline.

For this reason we evaluated the “best in class” on this discipline and got affiliated as a Signatory member to FAST Intercontinental.

As long as we are the only Formation and Safety Team signatory in Europe, we decided to become EUROPEAN F.A.S.T. and agreed to completely sponsor her best standard for this discipline.

This Standards are simply derived from Military standards, such as Stanag 7001, Air Force, Navy and Army formation flight techniques, which for many decades gave proof of total Safety in flight operations.

FAST has enhanced this standards and offered this training to civil pilots owning Warbirds and other airplanes able to safely perform formation flying. They define minimum flight experience to attend a course as Wingman, minimum training to became LEADER, and pre-requisites in terms of hours and type of Licence to become Check Pilot.

Our trainers and Leaders abide completely to this standard, and thanks to the FAST training programs, we can offer the most safe training in this discipline.

European FAST is the only signatory endorsed by FAST Int. to release the FAST CARD in Europe, which define clearly the knowledge level reached in Formation Flying ( Wingman in 2 ships / Wingman in 4 Ships / Leader in 2 Ships / Leader in 4 Ships / Check Pilot)

Our Formation Clinics, are usually held in Italy, but we could perform clinics throughout all Europe according to request. Pilots attending must own an aircraft with dual control, low wing prop, preferably with bubble canopy type, They will act as “Pilot in Command” under supervision of our expert advisors, who will demonstrate station keeping, wing cross under, rejoining and other safety maneuvers, visual signals and radio discipline.